The study on Vietnam otter clam genome from our lab by Kagaya, Y., Minei, R., et al is published.

A Vietnam otter clam study supported by Japan Society for the Promotion of Science is now published on Microbiology Resource Announcements. Yuki Kagaya, Ryuhei Minei, Ha T. T. Duong, Binh T. N. Le, Lua T. Dang, Trang T. H. Tran, Hoa T. Nguyen, Kengo Kinoshita, Kei Yura, Atsushi Ogura, Oanh T. P. Kim (2020) “Metagenome Sequences from the Environment of Diseased Otter Clams, Lutraria rhynchaena, from a Farm in Vietnam” 9:e01068-19.