What’s New

A research with the former student of the lab has published.
Yura Lab. on the process of reboot
Genome sequencing study on Teleogryllus occipitalis is published on Frontiers in Genetics
A research of the attitude toward breast cancer among younger generation is published on Journal of Human Genetics
A very old paper by Yura, K. et al on Protein Engineering is cited by Park, H., et al (2020) on Frontiers in Plant Science.
The study on Vietnam otter clam genome from our lab by Kagaya, Y., Minei, R., et al is published.
Hoshina, S. et al. on JBC is cited by Hulke, M.L. et al (2019) on Chromosome Research.
Yura et al. on DNA Research is cited by Bell, D., et al (2019) on American Journal of Botany.
Kobayashi, E., Yura, K. & Nagai, Y. on Biophysics is cited by McCallum, M. (2019) on Nature Communications.
Nakamura K, Kawabata T, Yura K, Go N. on FEBS Letters is cited by Arregui L., et al (2019) on Microbial Cell Factories.
Ohtaka-Maruyama C.et al on Science is cited by Molnar Z., et al (2019) on Journal of Anatomy.
Yoshihara, S., et al. (2001) is cited by Allen CJ. et al (2019) on Frontiers in Plant Science.
Kim, OTP., et al (2006) on NAR is cited by MacRae AJ. et al. (2019) on RNA Biology.
Kato, YS. et al (2014) on Structure is cited by Lacey, SE. (2019) on eLife.
New members have joined the lab.
Study on rhodopsin without retinal-binding lysine is now published on Photochemistry and Photobiology
Yura, K. Miyata, Y. et al. (2008) on DNA Research is cited by Liu et al (2019) on Nature Communications.
New school year has started in 1st April.
Paper of ABC transporter computational analyses has been published on Biophysics and Physicobiology
Paper of molecular dynamics simulation of SLC is on F1000Research.
An internship student from Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz joins the lab for three months.
Yura & Go (2008) and Yura et al. (2009) is cited by Takenaka et al. on Plant Physiology and Biochemistry
An internship student from Vietnam Japan University joins the lab for two months.
Lab member has changed
Paper of iMusta4SLC has been published on BPPB.
Ohtaka-Maruyama C. et al. (2018) has been published on Science.
New school year starts in 1st April.
Kim et al (2006) on Nucleic Acids Research is cited by Qin W.H. et al. on the Royal Society of Chemistry.
Tamura et al. (2018) has just been published on Scientific Reports.
iMusta4SLC has been launched.