What’s New

Lab member list and publication list are updated.
Kei Yura is going to talk in ESAB Webinar, 28th July, 2023.
A paper of transcriptome analysis on sparkling squid, Watasenia scintillans is cited.
Actin paper from the lab is cited by a recent paper in Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution in April, 2023.
Cyanobacterial natural transformation paper is cited by Nies F. et al. (2022) on mSphere.
Intra-faculty collaboration on gene network analysis is now on BMC Ecology and Evolution
Collaboration with Prof. Haruko Takeyama at Waseda University on single cell analysis has been published on PNAS nexus.
Our paper on cricket genome was cited by Nakamura et al. on Current Opinion in Insect Science.
ThermusQ, a tool for Thermus thermophilus genome and proteome analyses, is coming up.
The review paper on cricket genome sequences is now open on Biophysical Reviews.
Our cyanobacterium paper (Yoshihara et al., 2001) is extensively cited by Han et al (2021) on Molecular Microbiology.
Collaboration with Prof. Akihiro Umezawa at National Center for Child Health and Development Research Institute on liver injury has been published on Stem Cell Research & Therapy
Study on mRNA polyA of plants with Tsuge's Lab at Kyoto University has been accepted by Plant and Cell Physiology.
Extensive update of publication and member lists has been carried out.
A manuscript describing the history of Protein Data Bank Japan has been accepted and published on Protein Science.
A manuscript describing the phylogenetic relationship of crickets based on mitochondrial genome sequences has been published on Genome Biology and Evolution.
A research with the former student of the lab has been published.
Yura Lab. on the process of reboot.
Genome sequencing study on Teleogryllus occipitalis is published on Frontiers in Genetics.
A research of the attitude toward breast cancer among younger generation is published on Journal of Human Genetics.
A very old paper by Yura, K. et al on Protein Engineering is cited by Park, H., et al (2020) on Frontiers in Plant Science.
The study on Vietnam otter clam genome from our lab by Kagaya, Y., Minei, R., et al is published.
Hoshina, S. et al. on JBC is cited by Hulke, M.L. et al (2019) on Chromosome Research.
Yura et al. on DNA Research is cited by Bell, D., et al (2019) on American Journal of Botany.
Kobayashi, E., Yura, K. & Nagai, Y. on Biophysics is cited by McCallum, M. (2019) on Nature Communications.
Nakamura K, Kawabata T, Yura K, Go N. on FEBS Letters is cited by Arregui L., et al (2019) on Microbial Cell Factories.
Ohtaka-Maruyama C.et al on Science is cited by Molnar Z., et al (2019) on Journal of Anatomy.
Yoshihara, S., et al. (2001) is cited by Allen CJ. et al (2019) on Frontiers in Plant Science.
Kim, OTP., et al (2006) on NAR is cited by MacRae AJ. et al. (2019) on RNA Biology.
Kato, YS. et al (2014) on Structure is cited by Lacey, SE. (2019) on eLife.