Professor: Kei YURA

Computational biology on post-transcription and pre-translation processes

Project Associate Professor: Teikichi IKURA

Computational analysis of cricket genome

Cross Appointment Associate Professor: Hafumi NISHI

Impact of genome variations on protein structure

PhD Course: Mayu SHIBATA

Prediction of dimer structures of bacterial proteins based on covariance information

PhD Course: Saki KATAGIRI

Bioinformatics study on the difference of holometabolic and hemimetabolic insects

MS Course: Aina SUZUKI

Whole pathway analysis on cricket genome

MS Course: Ryoko TOKUDA

Computational simulation of the growth of splines on dendrite

BSci Course: Hinako IKESHIMA

Investigation of a novel bioluminescent proteins and evolution

Academic Fellow: Kanae TSUJI
Lab. Assistant: Iyoko TAKINAMI

This lab welcomes new members (graduate and undergraduate students) who have basic knowledge of computation and are interested in computational biology that  computationally analyzes protein sequences and three-dimensional structures.

The entrance exam for the graduate school will be held in summer (Aug.) and winter (Feb.). For the one who wants to stay temporarily (eg. two-month internship) in this lab and get the feeling of the field and the lab, contact Prof. Kei Yura (Edit Email address).